Joyguard iPhone 11 Case with 2*Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 11 Case Shockproof ?Air Cushion? iPhone 11 Case and Screen Protector iPhone 11 Case Clear – 6.1″ Premium Materials: Creative


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Joyguard iPhone 11 Case with [2*Tempered Glass Screen Protector], iPhone 11 Case Shockproof ?Air Cushion? iPhone 11 Case and Screen Protector iPhone 11 Case Clear -(6.1″)

Premium Materials: Creative new formula in TPU material helps anti-yellowing and relive-aging then extend the life cycle of the case. The premium material ensures the softness around the edge of this case. Moreover it can effectively prevents your phone from being scratched.

Fashion Transparent: The crystal-clear back is made up of soft TPU and always keep slick, so they can preserve the original look of iPhone 11. It also prevents watermark, fingerprints and no yellowing effect, giving your phone a clean look.

Fully Protection:Four protruding corners, front raised edges and the frame which is higher than the camera lens offers iPhone 11 maximum protection when accidentally placed down. Screen protective films and phone case provide 360-degree protection.

Precise Cutouts:Specially designed for iPhone 11. And perfect precise cutouts in TPU frame provides you with full access to ports , speakers, giving you the original pressing feeling with your iPhone 11.

Comfortable Grip:iPhone 11 case engineered to emphasize thinness makes you feel nothing on your phone. Soft material provides nice and comfortable grip, not easy to slip. It is also easy to install and will not scratch the phone edge.

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MadewithpremiumTPU,ensuringcrystal-cleartransparencyand preventingyellowing.Phonecaseformoreflexibleitwillnotgetdeformedaftertakingitoffand puttingitbackonmultipletimes.
High-elasticmaterialbringsstrongprotection.Its slippery-prooffunctionalsoprotectsyourphoneagainstdropsandbumps.

SoftTPU Back:
DesignofyouriPhone11topreservethenaturallook.Slimandstreamlined appearancewithoutaddingmorebulkingforyourdevice.
WithUpgradedMicroDotPattern,the casepreventsthewatermarkandfingerprints,givingyourphonea clean-looking.

Raisedcamera,screenedgearedesignedto absorbshockandpreventscreenandcameralensscratches.Fourprotrudingcornersand2 screenprotectorsprotectyouriPhone11fromallangles.

Precise Cutouts:
ThesoftsiliconeiPhone11caseperfectlyfitsyouriPhone11,precisecutouts makeiteasyaccesstoallportsandallbuttons,giveyouperfectpurchasing experience.

PremiumTPUmaterialprovidesoft& comfortablegripwithoutanybulky.YoufeelnothingonyourphonewiththeiPhone11case.