Wall Mount Stand for Dot 3rd Generation & Smart Speakers Enhanced Sound Quality Cable Management without Screws Dot Holder Accessories Designed for Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom PROUD BIRD wall mount


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Wall Mount Stand for Dot 3rd Generation & Smart Speakers, Enhanced Sound Quality, Cable Management without Screws, Dot Holder Accessories Designed for Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom

PROUD BIRD wall mount for smart speakers: specially designed for Dot 3rd generation, JBL, Xiao D, ding-dong, MI Ai, or other Smart speakers only, not compatible with 2nd Gen speaker. (Device and plug are NOT included)

Better Sound Performance: P5 can improve your speaker sound quality by 10%-15%, Thanks to the special design of the wall mount, the sound of the smart speaker will never be lost.

Safe and stable: wrap the cord around the reel, completely hide it on the back of the Alexa wall mount. Keeps the surfaces clear and no long cables, and stops you worrying about the pet knocking the speaker off the cabinet, it also was exactly what we needed to have your wireless Wi-Fi speaker or Echo dot in the kitchen without risking the device or the cable getting wet etc.

Easy to install: hold your smart speakers or Echo dot 3rd generation vertically on the wall socket, keep the speaker Alexa voice-control system horizontally to better receive and transfer signal. Easy to install and no screwdrivers needed, very nifty

Best customer service: Echo Dot stand wall mount have a one-year warranty, and if you have any questions about the product, please contact us and we will solve the problem quickly

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Enjoy your smart home life with wall mount for Echo Dot 3rd.