Gold Plated Airplane Flight Headphone Adapters Pack of 2 Allows you to use your Earphones with all In-Flight Media Systems This Airline Plane Headset Converter Enables Great Sound on all Planes


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Gold Plated Airplane Flight Headphone Adapters (Pack of 2) | Allows you to use your Earphones with all In-Flight Media Systems | This Airline Plane Headset Converter Enables Great Sound on all Planes

The headphones dual adapter is versatile and functional since this audio cable adapter airplane is used as CONVERTER for your EARPHONES to let you CONNECT your own HEADSET to the IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM while on board. These flight adapters separate R and L sound channel and will make your trip more enjoyable because this headphone jack adapter airplane enables perfect audio quality for both music and movies. Quality wise, this headphone jack for airplane will never let you down.

Do you want to USE YOUR OWN HEADSET IN FLIGHT but the audio sockets does not match? These AIRPLANE AUDIO CONVERTERS from Mobi Lock are perfect solution for you. These airline headphone socket adaptors is a functional audio adapter for airplanes and are designed with smaller rounded base to fit the 2-prong airline jack. Since MOST AIRCRAFTS DO NOT ACCEPT the standard headphone plug, YOU NEED an AIRLINE AUDIO ADAPTER and the two female headphone adapter to make your earpieces fit perfectly.

This headphone adapter has gold-plated sockets and the earphone headphone adaptor will provide you with perfect sound transfer. This adapter plug and double headphone plug CONVERTS AUDIO JACK from AIRPLANE dual socket to a STANDARD 3.5MM JACK.This audio jack converter allows you to use your own audio headphones so you can enjoy great movies and music channels while you are on board. This headphone and earphone flight adapter will give you the choice of NOT USING the AIRLINE’S CHEAP HANDSET.

This adapter for airplane earphones is a hassle-free audio adapter because this dual jack adapter requires NO INSTALLATION. Just plug the airplane headphones jack adaptor to the armrest of the airship seat to USE YOUR OWN EARPIECES to the airplane headphone jack and connect to the in-flight entertainment system. Mobi Lock’s female headphone jack adapter and one headphone jack adapter gives you freedom to use your own earphones or high-end earpieces with great convenience during your travels.

This headphone jack adapter plug and audio airplane adapter is the BEST TRAVEL BUDDY because it gives solution when the plane’s socket does not match your headset jack. This airplane audio converter contributes to your PLEASANT TRIP since the airline headphone adapter and headphone plug ALLOWS YOU to use YOUR OWN EARPIECES and enjoy a rich stereo sound during your flight. This jack adapter airplane and airplane headphones adapters are light weight and have a sturdy construction to last long.


The airline adapters from Mobi Lock converts a standard headphone stereo mini plug to a dual-prong airline jack since most of the headphones (portable, noise cancelling) are equipped with the 1/8″ plug. This dual plug headphone jack and airplane headphone jack is designed with a smaller rounded base to fit with the airline’s prong jack. In addition, this audio airplane adapter and airplane headphones jack adapter plug is compatible with almost all headphone devices such as Bose QuietComfort, V-Moda, Shure, Beats, Monsters, Grado, Oppo, Sony, Senheisser, HiFiMan and other headphone / earphone brands. This airplane headphones adapter is suited to any standard double headphone plug or single output 3.5mm audio headphone jack plugs. This airline audio adapter and airline two-prong airplane headphone jack 3.5mm adapter works best during airplane travels because the airplane headphones jack adapter is designed to fit all airline in-flight entertainment systems. Moreover, this headphones adapter airplane and dual male headphone connector jack has the ability to reduce static interference. You can enjoy great sounding music during your flight with this single and double headphone adapter. This in-flight adaptor connects your headphones one jack to in-flight entertainment systems equipped with dual plug headphone jack or single adapter headphone jack output 3.5 mm. Simply plug the airplane headphone connector into the adapter and insert the headphones connector into the airline headphone jack. This headphone adaptor and jack adapter airplane is essential for all airplane travels. You can enjoy great audio sound through two headphones adapter because this airline airplane flight adapter gives balanced sound for music and the headphone jack adaptor also brings perfect audio while watching movies. Finally, this dual headphone jack adapter and headphones dual adapter is made from gold-plated materials for longevity.