10 X NFC Tags NTAG213 Clear Stickers Genuine Chip Developed by NXP Semiconductors 144 Bytes Memory Password Verification Protection Ultrathin 0.75 m Fast Read/Write/Lock Compatible with all


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10 X NFC Tags NTAG213 Clear Stickers, Genuine Chip Developed by NXP Semiconductors, 144 Bytes Memory, Password Verification Protection, Ultrathin (0.75 m), Fast Read/Write/Lock, Compatible with all other NFC-enabled Phones and Tablets including Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Windows and Androied Phones.. etc

SUPPER-EASY TO PROGRAMME & OPERATE ¡¿ Instructions and links to free encoding tools and apps are provided. You can easily encode, erase, edited and lock the tags in a minute. To operate you just need to hover your phone over the tag, data will send to your phone directly, No need for a battery, No manual pairing.

MAKES YOUR LIFE SIMPLER, FUN AND COLOURFUL ¡¿, and make the most complicated tasks simpler in just one touch. These tags can be used to share contacts, open web pages, launch applications and change mobile settings. A simple touch makes your phone much more fun!

PERFECT FOR BUSINESS ¡¿ These tags will dramatically increase Customers engagement and improve conversion rate by connecting your products with customers in an elegant, fashionable and fun way, with one touch customers can get item description, promotions, coupons, menu or even place an order

ULTRATHIN ¡¿ with high quality adhesive and ultra slim design 0.15 mm (+/-0.04) makes it perfectly suited to be incorporated or imbedded into posters and labels to make them SMART ¨C It gives you the ability to include dynamic call-to-actions in traditional media, offers new ways to measure investment and engagement of traditional advertisements – applications are only limited by creativity.

THERE IS NOT RISK FOR YOU ¡¿ we are a registered company based in the UK, our products are despatched Immediately with priority mail at no extra cost. If you don’t absolutely love our tags 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! no question asked. NFC tags are already in use at every bus stop in London.

NTAG213, 0712392099974, 053176074023

Pack of 10 Transparent NFC Tags with NTAG 213 Circuit by NXP, 144 Bytes Memory, 25 mm Round Clear Tag Ultrathin (0.15 mm) with Strong Self Adhesive

Transform?you?home, office and car
Control your?smart phone?by automatically changing any setting or configuration e.g. set an alarm, toggling or pairing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, launch an App or navigation, control sound volume & screen brightness, connect to car systems… etc

Communicate with the world e.g. make a call, send SMS, share a contact, send a business card, tap to re-order, update social media like Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…etc)

Transform your businessBy adding NFC smart tags to your product, packaging, shelf labels, leaflet and marketing material, these things will be able to talk to your customers. With a single tap, the customer will get your voucher, coupons, user manual, food menus, or you can even redirect them to a landing page or to your website to buy, comment, leave a review, get in touch or even to register or authenticate the product.

Technical info
All tags are pre-formatted,?can store 144 bytes of user memory,?serial number (7-byte UID), can be protected by a?32-bit?password, rewriteable multiple times and can be locked.
Compatible with all NFC Smartphones (iPhones read-only mode, regardless of the NFC tag)
These tags are not designed for use on metal surfaces. Please choose from our ‘on metal’ tags, just check our store ‘Tagify’ for anti-metal tags and more NFC tags, Stickers, Cards, Key fobs, Coasters.

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